Do you only advertise my rental on AirBnB?

No. We advertise your rental on AIRBNB, VRBO, HOME AWAY, TRIP ADVISOR and 26 OTHER WEBSITES. Maximum exposure for your rental at all times! However, we have found AirBnB to have to be the most popular and produce the greatest revenue. 

Can you take over an existing AirBnB Listing?

Yes! We can absolutely take over an existing AirBnB listing and optimize it using our proven marketing strategy. We are here to help! We completely understand that it is tiresome dealing with property issues, guest hassles, all of the constant and necessary quick response communication to keep your ratings high. We truly want you to be a carefree owner and let us be the host, dealing with the day to day of the business.

What if I don't have a property yet?

Let the experts help! We understand that purchasing a rental property is a big investment and commitment so we can refer you a trusted Realtor who specializes in short term rental properties. With the realtors expertise combined with of our previous experience and analytics data, we will short list a few properties ideal for short term vacation rentals by evaluating factors such as area, walkability ratings, local restaurants, venues and re-occurring events. All these factors play a substantial role in pricing per night and maximizing revenue.  After the property closes, we can get everything set up (furniture, linens, lighting, TV, backyard, etc.). There are many things guests expect these days, so we make sure they are all available. We manage the bookings and all guest interactions quickly and efficiently. Studies show that quick responses to guest inquiries means more bookings for your property, resulting in more revenue for you!

Do you have maintenance & repair crews or will you use my contacts?  

We give you the choice! At Carefree Host, we believe in cultivating and maintaining long-lasting relationships with trusted service professionals and over the years have accumulated a trusted group of individuals that specialize in everything from AC repair, plumbing, electrical and general maintenance. However, if you have a preferred contact for certain issues, we are more than happy to uphold and maintain the relationship for you and utilize them for your property as needed. No need to switch over if someone is already familiar with your property. We will handle the communication and coordination and give you continuous updates. 

How is Carefree Host different than other companies? 

We are a small local company that truly cares. Carefree host is not a large corporation with thousands of homes and employees that don't really care about your rental business. No, thats not right! We understand that you have made a big investment with your hard earned money and you deserve a company that puts in the effort as if it were their own property. 

Key Points:

  • The CEO gets to know every single client on a personal level and details of their respective property(s). We are a less than 5 employee company - this means that the CEO is involved in every property and its respective listing, pricing and management. How many other companies can say that?
  • Personalized services. Our services have been refined over the years to ensure that we build value for you in everything that we do and don't charge you for additional and unnecessary services. Our services mean:
    • Personalized and accurate details related to your property - You don't go into some generic listing generating system that makes all listings look the same
    • Professional photographs that highlight the features of your home to attract guests. 
    • Guidebook(s) generated for your property that includes details about your home, nearby restaurants, local events, spring training schedule, golf course list, and other local area details. We partner with Lime Bike to provide bicycles to your property. 
    • Customized Pricing daily which is based on local availability, upcoming events and market price analysis of similar listings nearby. 
  • You are not just another number. We do not have thousands of properties to manage and we don't plan to. We believe in customized and personal service because that is what makes a vacation rental successful.